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Dr. Messmore
“Dr. Messmore, MD” ~ automaton
“Mad Scientist” – Servo controlled mechanism

YEAR: 2003
SIZE: 24 x 12 x 12 inches
MEDIUM: Mixed media
MATERIALS: Servo motors, electronics, brass, wood. Resin, epoxy clay, wool crepe hair, glass eyes, fabrics.
MOVEMENT: “The Dr.” moves head side-to-side observing his audience, slowly pushing/pulling the lever of the Hypno-machine. Lights begin pulsating while his right hand simultaneously turns the hand crank causing the Hypnodisc to spin as “The Dr.” attempts to hypnotize unwitting victims. OOAK 1/1 Video available: C+M Videos see “The Dr.” in action.

Gallery: Automata | Type: Servo | N/A: In Private Collection




Movement is programmed and recorded using Visual Servo Automation (VSA) servo control program. The vertical lines trigger the start/stop time creating the servo movement: head forward/ back/side to side, hand crank lever push/pull activates pulsating lights, and spins Hypnodisc.  More about servo programs, see BLOG POST: Electronic Automata